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At Kitchen Deets, we love sharing valuable kitchen tips, recipes, product reviews and cooking insights with our readers. Guest blog posts allow us to expand the range of voices and perspectives on our site. If you’re interested in submitting a guest blog post, we’d be delighted to consider your pitch!

However, to ensure a great experience for our readers, we have a few guidelines around guest blog submissions. Following these will increase the chances of your post being accepted.

Relevancy to Kitchen Deets Topics

First and foremost, your guest post idea needs to be highly relevant to the core topics and themes covered on Kitchen Deets. We’re all about kitchen hacks, cooking techniques, kitchen gear, recipe guides, and anything else related to being a home chef.

Some example topics that would be a good fit include:

  • In-depth guides on mastering specific cooking skills like baking bread, making pasta from scratch, etc.
  • Reviewing popular kitchen appliances, tools and gadgets
  • Roundups of your favorite cooking apps, cookbooks or food blogs
  • Tips for meal-prepping, kitchen organization and efficiency
  • Unique or cultural culinary traditions you can share
  • Kitchen décor and renovations for the dream kitchen

Basically, if it has to do with spending quality time in the kitchen and leveling up your culinary game, it’s fair game for a guest post on our site.

What We Don’t Accept

To maintain clarity for readers, we don’t accept posts that veer too far away from core kitchen/cooking topics. For example, we would likely turn down posts solely about restaurant reviews, dieting, agriculture, or anything only very tangentially related to home kitchens.

We also don’t accept posts that are too promotional in nature or read like thinly-veiled advertisements. While we’re open to credible product reviews, posts need to add legitimate value beyond just marketing.

The Submission Process

If you have a guest post idea that fits our editorial guidelines, simply send over a brief pitch outlining the topic and angle you’d like to take at this email address [daniel@kitchendeets.com]. Include an example heading and a few bullet points to give us a sense of your approach.

Once we review and approve the pitch, you can move forward with drafting the full post. We ask that posts be original, exclusive content for Kitchen Deets. They should be between 800-1500 words and written in a friendly, engaging style that resonates with home cooks.

We reserve the right to edit your post for length, clarity, SEO and our own editorial standards. You’ll have a chance to review any changes before publishing.

Finally, we expect all guest posts to be fully unique, trustworthy and accurate. Plagiarized or misleading content will be rejected.

We look forward to potentially collaborating and sharing your kitchen wisdom with our passionate community of home chefs!

Send over those pitches @ [daniel@kitchendeets.com]

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