Looking for the Best Dutch oven for Camping Trip? Check out our Top picks

Best Dutch oven for camping

If you love the outdoors and camping, nothing says home like a delicious meal cooked in a Dutch oven over an open fire!

Dutch ovens are versatile, and efficient, and make cooking more fun because you get to do it outside! If you’re looking to buy your first Dutch oven, or if you want some advice on what the best Dutch ovens are to buy, we’ve got you covered with our top picks for the Best Dutch oven for camping!

Best Dutch Oven for Camping

So you’ve decided to take your Dutch oven camping, but you aren’t sure which one to get. Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here!

We wanted to provide you with our list of the best Dutch ovens for camping and help you pick the perfect one for your needs and budget so that your next camping trip will be a breeze!

You can check out our list below and take it with you on your next shopping trip!


Lodge 9 quart dutch oven for camping

Lodge Dutch Oven for Camping is made in the USA. It’s a tried-and-true piece of camping equipment that will make your next trip to the great outdoors better than ever before.

This Dutch oven is seasoned with natural oil and has a surface that makes it easy to clean up after cooking too! It’s got unparalleled heat retention and even heating so you can make everything from soups to stews without worrying about burning anything or having one side of your meal turn out differently than another. You can also use this Dutch oven over any kind of heat source—including your campfire!

This Dutch oven is fun to use on camping trips because it works just as well over an open flame as it does in a conventional oven—and it is easy to clean up afterward too! You can even use it at home if you want—the versatility makes it a great choice for anyone who loves making their own meals from scratch.


Seasoned with oil for a natural, easy-release finish that improves with use

Unparalleled in heat retention and even heating

At home in the oven, on the stove, on the grill, or over the campfire

Easy care hand wash, dry, rub with cooking oil

Made in the USA


No cons for this Dutch oven

Camp Chef Classic

Camp chef classic dutch oven for camping 10 inch

If you’re looking for a way to get the most out of your camping trip, or just want to try something new and different, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Camp Chef Dutch Oven can help make your next campout a hit with friends and family alike!

The Camp Chef Dutch Oven is made from cast iron and comes in a seasoned finish that requires no seasoning before use. It has a built-in thermometer notch so you’ll always know when your food is ready, as well as a flanged lid that allows you to place coals on top of it while cooking. This convenient feature makes it easy to keep track of how much heat there is inside without having to open up the oven every few minutes.

The Camp Chef Dutch Oven can hold up to 10 quarts of food—enough for 10-12 people—and is designed with easy cleaning in mind. This means that after each use all you have to do is wipe the interior down with some soap and water and then let it dry completely before putting it away until next time!

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Natural seasoned finish

Built-in thermometer notch

Flanged lid for placing coals on top

Cleanup is easy


Bigger size

GSI Outdoors

GSI Dutch oven for camping 12 inch

Camping is an opportunity to relax, get away from it all, and enjoy some great food. But who wants to spend all day cooking a meal? That’s why we love GSI Dutch Oven for Camping. It’s made from durable, highly conductive cast aluminum that heats up quickly and won’t rust, so you can cook up a storm in no time. And once you’re done cooking, cleanup is a breeze—the non-porous Anodized surface won’t hold onto any food residue or odors, making it easy to clean up and ready for your next meal.

You can use your GSI Dutch Oven for Camping to make eggs or even beef stew, but we love using ours for home-baked bread! You’ll never have to worry about getting your campfire coals too hot again—just set the temperature on this handy little oven and let it do all the work!

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Innovative Design

Made from durable material

This oven heats up quickly and evenly

Cleanup is easy

Lifetime warranty


costly but worth it

King Kooker

King kooker dutch oven for camping 20 quart

The King Kooker Dutch Oven will be your new camping buddy. It’s pre-seasoned and ready to go, so you can get straight to cooking. This Dutch oven comes with a lid and is shaped like a round pot, letting you make delicious soups and stews that will keep you warm on those chilly nights in the woods. It also works great for roasting chicken or other meats over an open fire, making it perfect for camping trips of all kinds!

With an even heat distribution throughout the cast iron construction (which eliminates cold spots), this Dutch oven is sure to be a favorite item in your kitchen. Plus, it’s made from durable materials that are easy to clean and maintain—so even if you don’t have time to do it right away after you’re done cooking up your meal, there won’t be any issues when it comes time for cleanup!

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Great for use at the campsite

Large 20 Qt. capacity

It comes with a lid

Cast iron construction allows for even heat distribution

Excellent for roasting and frying

Pre-seasoned and ready to cook




Overmont dutch oven for camping

The Overmont Dutch Oven is perfect for the novice camper who wants to do more than just boil water. This all-round Dutch oven has an integral leg that allows you to sit it perfectly on your campfire without having to worry about it falling over. It doesn’t use any toxic chemicals, and it has a non-stick surface that’s safe to use.

This Dutch oven can be used both on the stove and over open fires, so you can roast chicken or make a delicious deep-fried potato dish without having to worry about the heat being evenly distributed or having hot spots. And because this is a high-quality cast iron pot, you can expect it to last for years. The handle also allows you to hang it over open fires so that it stays right where you need it!

This Dutch oven is perfect for those who want more than just boiled water while camping. With its durable construction and non-stick surface, this all-round pot will help you cook up some delicious food while out in nature—no matter your skill level!


The integral legs help sit perfectly over the campfire

The lid can also be used as a skillet for frying

Free from toxic material

It is a safe non-stick surface

High-quality cast iron

Last a lifetime if cared for properly.

Energy-saving and good for the environment.

Heat is evenly distributed


Handle design is terrible

What to consider before buying a Dutch oven for camping

If you’re thinking about buying a Dutch Oven for your camping trip, there are a few things to keep in mind.


The material the Dutch oven is made of will affect its weight and heat retention, as well as its durability. You’ll want to choose a material that’s thick enough to withstand the rigors of camping but light enough to not weigh down your pack.

It is best if your dutch oven is made from cast iron.


Dutch ovens come in all different shapes and sizes, from small skillets to large pots capable of cooking for an entire family. If you’re going camping with a big group or plan on cooking for multiple days in one location, you may want to opt for a larger model

It should be large enough to hold all of the food you plan on cooking, but small enough to not take up too much space in your tent.

Heat Retention

The longer it takes for food to cook in a Dutch Oven (compared with other cooking methods), the better it retains heat throughout the process. This ensures that your food will stay warm until you’re ready to eat it!


Make sure that the weight of your Dutch Oven is manageable so that it doesn’t become cumbersome when packing up after dinner time is over!


Look for lids that have handles on them so they can easily be lifted off without burning yourself on any hot surfaces inside!

How to Care for a Camping Dutch Oven

Keep your Dutch oven in great shape by following these care tips:

-Occasionally use your cast iron Dutch oven. This will help keep it from rusting and maintaining its nonstick surface.

-Store your cast iron Dutch oven in a dry place. If you store it wet, the moisture can cause rust to form on the inside.

-Lightly coat the interior of your cast iron Dutch oven with refined vegetable oil before storing it away. This will help prevent rust from forming during storage.

-If rust does occur, scrub off any rust with a 50/50 vinegar-water solution.

Can you use an enamel-coated Dutch oven over a campfire?

The short answer is no, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

When you’re cooking over an open flame, the temperature of the pan will reach up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. This can cause your enamel coating to chip off and make it unsafe to use. You don’t want your food to be cooked in a nonstick pan that’s covered in flakes of enamel.

Can I use a Dutch oven without legs over an open flame?

Yes! A dutch oven without legs can be used over an open flame, but make sure that the bottom of your dutch oven is flat and even so that it will sit evenly on the grill grate.

How much does a dutch oven for camping cost?

A good camping dutch oven usually costs around $30 and $100.

Bottom Line

It’s hard to beat the feeling of sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows over an open flame, and if you’re going camping this summer, you’re probably in search of the perfect Dutch oven for your trip. This guide will help you understand what makes a Dutch oven different than a regular pot, how to choose between the two, and our recommendations for the best Dutch ovens so that you can get back to your camping with more fun things to do other than cooking!

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