Chicago Cutlery Review – Is It truly Worth The Price?

Chicago Cutlery Review

A Chicago Cutlery set is an affordable way to get the tools you need to make cooking easier and more enjoyable.

Over the years, Chicago Cutlery has built up quite a reputation as one of the top kitchen cutlery brands available today. Their knives and utensils are sought after by serious home cooks and professionals alike, but do their products live up to their famous name? In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at all aspects of this line of cutlery and see if it’s truly worth the price tag it has so many customers willing to spend on it!


Chicago Cutlery is a popular cutlery brand that was founded in 1930 by Alfred Paulson. The brand has since become one of America’s premier cutlery producers.

Today, Chicago Cutlery offers an expansive list of kitchen cutlery options. This includes knives, scissors, cutting boards, utensils, and many other products. However, once you get beyond their history and reputation, there are many questions about whether or not Chicago Cutlery products are right for you. You can learn more by reading below.

Chicago Cutlery Knife Collections:

Chicago Cutlery is a well-liked cutlery manufacturer that specializes in high-quality knives and kitchen utensils.

Here’s a list Chicago Cutlery Knife Set collection:

  1. Malden 16-Piece Set
  2. Fusion 17-Piece Set         
  3. Insignia Steel 18-Piece Set            
  4. Belden 15-Piece Set        
  5. Metropolitan 3-Piece Set
  6. Elston 16-Piece Set         

Malden 16-Piece Set:

Chicago Cutlery Malden 16-piece knife block set
Chicago Cutlery Malden 16-piece knife block set

The Malden collection has a classic style with a clean, modern feel. The handles are smoothly contoured to enhance comfort and design. Each knife is forged from strong, high-carbon stainless steel to ensure excellent edge retention. Additionally, the blades have been purposefully created with a sharp-pointed tip which helps them quickly penetrate the food.

The Malden 16 piece set of high carbon steel knives are the perfect complement to any kitchen. The attractive finish of the knife set adds to its longevity. Plus, the knife set is comfortable to grip with full tang handles that are long enough to feel balanced throughout any cutting motion. Each piece has a sharpened, 26-degree taper-ground blade for optimum sharpness.

Fusion 17-Piece Set:

Chicago Cutlery Fusion 17 piece knife Block set
Chicago Cutlery Fusion 17 piece knife Block set

Bring a cool, contemporary look to your dining table with the Chicago cutlery fusion 17-piece knife set. It offers a hardwood block with a slot for each knife and features a high carbon stainless steel blade that retains its sharpness. This knife set includes a chef, santoku, and steak knives.

The 17 piece Knife set from Chicago Cutlery is a perfect addition to any kitchen. These knives feature high carbon stainless steel blades that are heat-treated for durability and ice tempered to resist rust and corrosion. In addition to these features, the blades have a 26-degree taper grind edge retention for optimum sharpness and stays strong when cutting through foods.

Insignia Steel 18-Piece Set:

Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 18-Piece Knife Block Set
Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 18-Piece Knife Block Set

The Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 18-Piece Knife Set is a premium all-purpose cutlery set that is perfect for the kitchen, home, or even an outdoor picnic. This Chicago Cutlery knife set includes a chef knife, a serrated bread knife, santoku, and steak knives with a handy slicer all are which crafted with 100% stainless steel and triple-riveted handles for maximum durability and remarkable balance.

Furthermore, Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 18 piece knife set has high carbon stainless steel with full tang blades that give you perfect balance and edge retention.

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Belden 15-Piece Set:

Chicago Cutlery Belden 15-Piece Knife Block Set
Chicago Cutlery Belden 15-Piece Knife Block Set

The Chicago Cutlery Belden 15-Piece Knife Block Set features a full-tang design which means the blade of the knife runs from the tip of the handle to the end of the knife. The blade is riveted onto a durable synthetic handle, creating a sturdy yet comfortable grip. This 15-piece knife set comes with a total of six steak knives, two paring knives, a chef knife, a bread knife, a utility knife and honing steel. The blades are made from high carbon steel for corrosion and stain resistance. Plus, the 25-degree taper grind ensures sharpness.

Whether you’re preparing salmon fillets, slicing off meat, or chopping vegetables, these knives can perform up to 10 times longer than normal steel knives. The black handle gives this set a classic look so it can better blend in with any home’s décor.

Metropolitan 3-Piece Set:

Chicago Cutlery Metropolitan 3 piece Knife set - Black
Chicago Cutlery Metropolitan 3 piece Knife set – Black

The metropolitan three-piece knife set includes a chef’s knife, utility, and paring knife. The blades have a full metal tang that extends into the handle for added balance and comfort. And a triple-riveted polymer handle provides a more comfortable grip with a soft touch polypropylene that covers over the metal liners.

Unlike standard knives, these blades remain sharp for longer, thereby reducing your food prep times. This will help save vital time on your vessel, which you can use doing something else, like tending to the fish!

Metropolitan 3-piece Knife Set is the ideal starter for any young cook in the kitchen.

Elston 16-Piece Set:

Chicago Cutlery Elston 16- piece Knife Block Set
Chicago Cutlery Elston 16- piece Knife Block Set

The Chicago Cutlery Elston 16 piece knife set comes irresistibly packaged in a beautiful woodblock. This helping hand is very useful when you are trying to achieve better precision when chopping, slicing, or dicing. It also comes with a carving, utility, and eight steak knives.

If you are looking for a complete cutlery set, then the Elston-16 Piece Knife Block Set is perfect choice. The knife set has an ergonomic handle that keeps your hand comfortable while cutting through food. Whether you’re an avid cook or just need to cut your way through the thickest steak. You’ll be sure to find just the knife you’re looking for in this classic stainless steel cutlery set.

Construction of Knives:

Chicago Cutlery knives are constructed with solid handles that aren’t too heavy nor too light. Making them an ideal choice for consumers looking for professional cutlery at home. Chicago Cutlery knives are affordable options with blades made of high-carbon stainless steel (more expensive than regular stainless steel).

Design of Knives:

When you start looking at knives, it is easy to get lost in all of their design choices. From pocket folders to butcher’s knives, there are many styles of Chicago cutlery that you will see when shopping for knives. Each type has its own purpose and benefits. There are also different types of steels used to make Chicago cutlery, each one unique in its own way.

Sharpness and Durability of Chicago Cutlery:

A good knife needs to be sharp and durable. Sharpness is essential so that it can easily cut through objects and not create unnecessary labor. While Durability is important because a knife that doesn’t work well will just get thrown away.

If you want your knife to last for years, it has to be of great quality. Chicago Cutlery meets these criteria and more.

Is it Worth Its Price?

One of our writers Noor Khadija took a closer look at Chicago Cutlery’s Granton Edge knives to see if they were worth their price. She found that while these knives aren’t high quality, they get a lot more use out of them than she anticipated.

Final Thoughts on Chicago Cutlery Review:

Overall, Chicago Cutlery is a great company. They produce a variety of products, including knives and forks. Their products are high quality and will last a long time if properly cared for. If you’re in need of new cutlery or have been thinking about replacing your current set, definitely consider taking a look at their offerings!

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Does Chicago Cutlery Have Great Customer Service?

This brand has been around for a long time. And they’ve accumulated an impressive level of customer service feedback over that time. In fact, many Chicago Cutlery reviews from customers indicate that they’re willing to pay more for their products because of how well their customer service is handled.

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