The Difference between Wusthof Classic Vs Ikon Knives – 2023

Wusthof Classic Vs Ikon

A set of knives from Wusthof is one of the best investments you can make in your kitchen. The knives themselves are sharp, well-made, and easy to use, but there are subtle differences between Classic and Ikon that might not be immediately apparent when you’re shopping online or in a store.

To help you choose the right Wusthof knife, we’ve laid out the main differences between the Wusthof Classic and the Wusthof Ikon knife lines below. You’ll also find an in-depth look at each line as well as detailed information on blade construction, handle design, special features, and more to help you figure out which knife is best for your needs.

Wusthof Classic Vs Ikon:

The difference between Wusthof Classic and Ikon knives isn’t just the aesthetic appeal, although that’s certainly an important factor! The design features of each line take into account different cutting techniques, resulting in one set being better suited to your needs than the other. Let’s take a look at some of these differences so you can be sure you’re getting the right knife for your kitchen.

Handle Material:

Wusthof Classic Polyoxymethylene Handle vs Ikon African Blackwood Handle
Wusthof Classic Polyoxymethylene Handle vs Ikon African Blackwood Handle

The biggest differences between these two knives are in their handles. The Classic features a traditional grip, while its slightly more modern counterpart has a contoured handle.

A Wusthof Classic will have a polyoxymethylene handle, whereas an Ikon knife will have an African Blackwood handle. To many people, it’s not much of a difference – but one significant bonus to using a polyoxymethylene handle is that it won’t absorb as much moisture as blackwood handle will. Though Both Materials are light, durable, and virtually indestructible.

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Handle Style:

Another major difference between these two knives is their handle style. The handles on Wusthof Classic knives are straight while those on Ikon knives are curved. Curved handles are better for gripping since they conform to your hand, but straight handles are more durable and easier to clean because you can easily get in between them.

Blade Design & Construction:

Wusthof Classic vs Ikon Full Tang Triple Riveted Construction
Wusthof Classic vs Ikon Full Tang Triple Riveted Construction

Wusthof classic and Ikon knives are designed for the precision cutting techniques used by professional chefs. Both knives have forged blades made from high-carbon, no-stain steel. Both are stamped with WÜSTHOF on one side of the blade and Solingen on the other. In addition, both of them come with razor-sharp blades that are comparatively easier to sharpen as compared to Global Knives or Shun Knives.

All Wusthof Classic series knives are made of one-piece high carbon steel blades. These are hardened to HRC57, making them extremely sharp and durable yet having great edge retention.

Full or Half Bolster:

Wusthof Classic Vs Classic Ikon vs Ikon Bolster Illustration
Left to right: Wusthof Classic Vs Classic Ikon vs Ikon – Bolster Pictorial Representation

The main difference between Wusthof classic vs Ikon knives is that one comes with a full bolster and the other with half bolster. A bolster is a thick piece of metal that connects the blade to its handle, and it extends from where most people’s palms rest to where their fingers begin. The purpose of a bolster is to stabilize your grip on a knife during cutting.

The full bolster is standard on Classic knives; half bolster is standard on Ikon models. Both are fitted with triple-riveted for longevity, comfort, and balance.

Another factor to consider when comparing Wusthof classic vs ikon knives is price.


Wusthof offers a variety of both Classic and Ikon knives, giving you a choice in your purchase. The Classic line of knives offers affordability without sacrificing quality, making it a great tool for any kitchen. The Ikon line also provides great quality at a higher price.

If you’re looking for an all-purpose, entry-level knife that won’t hurt your wallet, consider purchasing a Wusthof classic. This mid-tier line offers a perfect blend of durability and sharpness that will serve you well in most kitchen tasks. On the other hand, if you have a bigger budget and expect to use your knives on a daily basis, it may be worth shelling out for a higher-end knife from their Ikon line.

Cleaning and Care:

Wusthof Ikon Vs Classic Ikon Vs Classic 8 Inch Chef Knives
From top to bottom: Wusthof Ikon Vs Classic Ikon Vs Classic 8 Inch Chef Knives

Both Classic and Ikon knives are dishwasher safe. For heavy-duty cleaning, hand washing will make sure your knives stay in top condition. Wusthof recommends using mild soap and warm water to clean your knives. Rinse thoroughly, then dry with a towel. To keep your blades sharp for years to come, store them in a knife block or on a magnetic bar in a kitchen drawer. The plastic sheath that comes with each set is great for protecting the blade when not in use. Be sure to take it off before you wash them!


Wusthof has a limited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. This limited warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, accidents, misuse, or sharpening by other than authorized Wüsthof Service Centers. Nor does it cover any product that has been modified without written permission from Wüsthof. If your knife was received as a gift, please retain your bill of sale as your proof of purchase.

Which Is Best For You?

Choosing between Wusthof classic and ikon can be tough. Both are crafted in Solingen, Germany, by family-owned cutlery maker, The Wüsthof Company. Both knives feature high-carbon stainless steel blades that are hand-sharpened and polished to perfection. So which one is best for you? If price is no object, go with Ikon; but if you’re looking for a more cost-effective option, classic has you covered too.

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